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TELEBRAS inks US$560 million deal to deliver a satellite for secure communications

Hispanic Business - 11/30/2013

Brazil's state-owned telecom provider Telebras has entered into a contract worth a US$560 million to deliver a satellite for secure communications.

By late 2016, a joint venture between Telebras and Embraer would deliver the geostationary satellite for strategic communications. According to Embraer, the satellite would ensure Brazil's sovereignty over strategic communications in both the civilian and military areas.

Brasilia was angry with the reports of US electronic spying on Brazilian government communications, and phone call data and emails of millions of Brazilians.

Embraer said, a joint venture between Embraer and Telebras, Visiona Tecnologia Espacial, will be integrating the Defence and Strategic Communications Geostationary Satellite (SGDC) system.

Telebras President Caio Bonilha, said, The SGDC system not only will meet the needs of Telebras' National Broadband Programme and the strategic communications of the Brazilian armed forces, but it is also an opportunity for Brazil to ensure the sovereignty of its strategic communications in both the civilian and military areas.

French-Italian firm Thales Alenia Space (TAS) will be supplying the satellite, which will be launched by European satellite launch firm Arianespace.

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